Golang http eof

--- FAIL: TestGetObject (0.00 seconds)
firebase_test.go:53: Error: Get https://go-firebase-test.firebaseio.com/1.json: EOF
firebase_test.go:55: ""

--- FAIL: TestPushObject (0.00 seconds)
firebase_test.go:63: Error: Post https://go-firebase-test.firebaseio.com/.json: EOF
firebase_test.go:65: ""
exit status 1
FAIL    github.com/chourobin/go.firebase    3.422s

I’m going to guess there is no problem with your code. The most likely cause of your problem is because the server is closing the connection. Rate limiting is one possible reason for this.

Your test shouldn’t be relying on an external service that’s very brittle and not hermetic. Instead you should think about spinning up a test server locally.